•      Pupils to the various classes will be admitted from 1st May to 31st July only, except in case of transfer from any Atomic Energy Central School.

  •       Admission Test:

For Classes II to IX, pupils are admitted on the basis of a test only. Pupils coming from Atomic Energy Central Schools are exempted from the test, if they submit along with their transfer certificates, a satisfactory academic record.

  •   Birth Certificate:

 Extract from the  Municipal Registrar for children born in cities / towns. Parents whose children were born in a Hospital/ Maternity Home are advised to get the birth certificate of their wards registered in concerned                Municipal Ward Office and get an extract from Municipal Ward Office. Birth Certificate issued by the village munisif must be countersigned by the Block Development Officer of the Taluka of the concerned area. Any Correction/ alteration in the original birth certificate has to be attested by the issuing authority only, otherwise such certificates are liable to be      rejected. The Birth Certificate should essentially contain the name of  parents and the name of child with initials.


Those seeking new admission as well as those coming on transfer from other Central Schools will have to produce a valid school leaving certificate from the school last attended. In case this is not an Atomic Energy Central School, the certificate should be endorsed by the District Education Officer of the district or the Asst. Commissioner KVS, as the case may be.

  •  AGE:

A student will not be admitted to the Secondary School certificate examination unless he/she completes the age of 15 on 30th September of the year in which he/she is due to appear for eaxmination. This being an essential requirement, the age of admission in the A.E.Central Schools is regulated as indicated below:

KG                    4 years (should have been born on or before 1.10.2000)

 Class I               5 years (should complete the age 30th Sept. of the year in which admission is sought)

Class II              6 years                                          

 Class III             7 years                                           

 Class IV             8 years                                           

Class V               9 years                                           

Class VI             10 years                                         

Class VII            11 years                                         

Class VIII           12 years                                         

Class IX             13 years                                         

Class X               14 years                                         

 The pupil seeking admission to Class I in 2004 should have completed 5 years as on 30th September 2004 i.e. the pupil should have been born prior to 30th September 1999. Similarly, the pupil should have been born prior to 01.10.2000 for admission to KG classes. 


1.   Tuition Fee and pupils Fund will be charged for all the twelve months for those who are admitted in 2004-2005. The Students joining in mid-session will pay the fees from the month in which they are admitted provided, they have paid fees in the previous school.

2.   The Class Teachers will collect the fees without and with fine on the given schedule. Thereafter name will be struck off the rolls. In such cases, re-admission will be given on payment of dues plus re-admission fee of Rs. 10/- in the office on any day of the month.

3.   In case, any of the fees dates happens to be a holiday, the fees will be collected the next working day.

4.   After the fee collection, the teacher will remit the same to the office immediately and issue the receipt to the pupils.

5.   Fees will be collected in two instalments in July and November 2004 for all classes.

6.  Fees collection dates:

 1st instalment:                 

                    May 2005 to October 2006

                    Fees dates: - 8th and 9th July 2004 (Without fine)

                    16th and 17th July 2004 (With fine)

  2nd instalment:

                   November 2004 to April 2005

                    Fees dates: - 8th and 9th November 2004 (Without fine) 18th and 19th November 2004 (With fine)

  7.   If the child remains absent for more than 3 days without information,his/her name will be struck off. 

8.   75% attendance is required for appearing in the Annual Examination.      


a)   For K.G. Class 

Form Fee Rs. 10/-

Admission Fee Rs. 10/-

Tuition Fee rs. 50/- Per month ( Rs. 300/- Half yearly)

Pupils Fund Rs. 70/- Per month ( Rs. 420/- Half yearly)

( School Fund- 40/- , Pupils Fund- 30/-)

 b)   For Classes I to V

      Tuition Fee-Nil

      School Fund- 40/-

      Pupils Fund- 30/-

      1st Term.  Rs. 420  May to October 2004

      2nd Term  Rs.  420  November 2004 to April 2005

 c)   For classes VI to X

Computer Fee- Rs. 30/- per month

School Fund- Rs. 40/-

Pupil Fund- Rs. 30/-

1st Term  Rs. 600

2nd Term Rs. 600 

  • For New Admission

Form Fee Rs. 10/-

Admission Fee Rs. 10/-

d)   For classes XI to XII 



Rs. 50/-

Half yearly

Rs. 300/-

 In addition, the following fee will also be charged: -

 Admission Fee: Once in Class XI: Rs. 20/- 

Admission Form Fee: Rs. 10/- 

Annual examination fee: Once in Class XI: Rs. 25/- 

Library deposit : Once in Class XI: Rs. 50/- (Refundable) 

Laboratory Deposit: Once in Class XI : Rs 75/-(Refundable)

Science Fee (Twice a year) : Rs. 70/-

Term Fee (Twice a year) : Rs. 50/-

School Fund- Rs. 40/-

Pupil Fund- Rs. 30/-

 Only for Science Students.


a)      Students belonging to Schedule Caste and Scheduled Tribes shall be exempted from payment of Science fee, Term fee, Examination fee, tuition fee for classes for which such fee is charged provided they furnish valid documentary evidence to that effect.

b)      AEES Employees wards are exempted from paying tuition fee for all classes.

c)      Girl students of DAE employees are exempted from paying tuition fee for all classes.

d)      Pupil Fund is compulsory for   all categories and no concession is given.

  •     Higher fees:

Children of DAE employees, who have retired on superannuation or invalidated or died while in service, if they continue their studies, will be charged normal rate of tution fee. Children of DAE Employees who have resigned or got compulsory retirement or termination at any time during the academic year at the higher rates of fees  as prescribed here under effective from the month of such event.

In case of Voluntary retirement, children may be allowed to continue for full academic year at the higher rate of fees. In case they continue their studies further, their cases will be examined on merit and the fees will be charged as per the decision of AEES. 

  •        TUITION FEE for Non-DAE category

For Classes K.G. to XII


Computer fee

Rate of Tuition fee

School Fund

Pupils Fund



Rs. 150/- (P.M)

Rs. 40/- (P.M)

Rs. 30 (P.M)

I to V


Rs. 250/- (P.M)

Rs. 40/- (P.M)

Rs. 30 (P.M)

VI to X

Rs. 30/- (P.M)

Rs. 250/- (P.M)

Rs. 40/- (P.M)

Rs. 30 (P.M)



Rs. 250/- (P.M)

Rs. 40/- (P.M)

Rs. 30 (P.M)

 NOTE Tuition Fees & School Fee are collected in two installments. 



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