"Enthusiasm is the baking powder of Life.
Without it, you are flat; with it you rise"

Children with bubbling enthusaism and active participation are given proper encouragement in this section. Students are free to come up with a lot of queries which are constantly creeping up in their minds. Not only that this is an avenue to put up their write-ups, to ventilate their ideas and place to begin their early career in writing.Children are boggled down with a lot of scientific quests and basically they are creative and innovative.

Anything related to art, aesthetics, literature, maths, science and the like may be included in this section.

Students are welcome to contribute their budding thoughts abundantly which would be of much avail for their fellow students as well as an opportunity to open new vistas for themselves.

You are invited to send your queries, innovative ideas and write ups through your Principals to the central office.

It is a matter of great happiness and pride to AEES that Master Badhkur Harsh (of Class X) AECS-3 Rawatbhata participated in Republic Day parade held on 26-01-2016 at New Delhi. Chairman AEES and Secretary AEES congratulate Master Badhkur Harsh for his achievement.

Admission to Professional Courses

A large number of students have secured admission in 2012-13 to professional courses all over the country. The particulars are as follows.

Professional Courses No. of Students Schools / Colleges
I.I.T 27 11-AECS-4 Mumbai, 1-AEJC Mumbai, 5-AECS-1 Tarapu, 3-AECS Kakrapar, 2-AECS-4 Rawatbhata, 5-AECS Indore
AIEEE (NIT/ other Engineering
36 3-AEJC Mumbai, 5-AECS-2 Kalpakkam, 14-AECS-4 Rawatbhata, 1-AECS Kudankulam, 13-AECS Indore
Through State Entrance Exams 344 1-AECS-4 Mumbai, 39-AEJC Mumbai, 113-AECS-1 Mumbai, 11-AECS Narora, 6-AECS Indore,65-AECS-2 Kalpakkam, 6-AECS Oscom, 100-AECS-4 Rawatbhata, 3-AECS Kaiga
Professional Courses No. of Students Schools / Colleges
Medicine (MBBS)
Through All India Entrance Exams 28 3-AECS-4 Mumbai, 2-AECS Indore,14-AECS-2 Kalpakkam,1-AECS-4 Rawatbhata, 8-AECS Kaiga
Total 435